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Q: What is Front Of House Structure?

A: Front OF House Structure is a website that provides very sensible on-line video training to assist you in how to teach your staff how to achieve much higher sales by restructuring their approach to everyday situations and provide service training to fine tune your staffs ability to provide great service. It was created by Jarrod Novak, one of the strongest sales waiters in the industry with 16 years’ experience in the best restaurants in the world.

Q: How does Front Of House Structure work and does it require me to change my training?

A: It couldn't be easier. Simply join Front Of House Structure, log in and watch the training videos.There are two new videos published every month, one sales and one service. Then take one whole month to work these new sales and service techniques into your everyday routine. Just add a couple minutes a day in your pre-shift meetings to discuss and pratice these new and effective skills. In every case these techniques are easy to understand, common sense alterations to situations your already encounter daily, just with little "tweaks" but they will make a significant impact on your sales and service.

Q: Who has access to the training videos?

A: The person who signs up originally, the “administrator”, for Front Of House Structure of course has full access to the training videos. That person also has the ability to easily create “sub users” by getting those that they want to have access, e-mail addresses. They can go to their “profile” page, add “sub users”, delete “sub users” and change current “sub users” passwords. Everyone, “administrator” and “sub users” have full access to the training videos. As soon as the “administrator” creates the “sub user” accounts using that employees e-mail, an e-mail is sent with that employees password and they can start watching the videos immediately!

Q: Who should have access to the training videos?

A: The best success with Front Of House Structure comes when everyone who sells for you has their own accounts to watch the videos as often as they like. Repetition is the key to any great training.

Q: How much does Front of House Structure cost?

A: There are two types of membership, $20 per month (recommended) if you chose to keep your training "in house" or $30 per month if you would like your staff to be responsible for training themselves and have their own individual access to Front Of House Dtructure. Either membership should yield exponential results and this is the ONLY WAY to significantly and concistantly increase your sales.

Q: Is there a trial membership so that I may see some of the information and try it out with my staff before commiting?

A: Absolutely! Our new policy per customer feedback as of December 2012 is to issue refunds for the first months premium to all new registered members! Sign up for membership and your first payment will be refunded within 48 hours of us receiving it automatically! If you feel our product is not an absolutely remarkable value and worth your premium you may cancel within your first 30 calendar days and pay nothing ever again, no questions asked. We try to practice business the right way and although no business is perfect, we like to think that you couldn't invest better in your future success. However, you are allowed to disagree! 

Q: What is the difference between the two types of memberships to Front Of House Structure?

A: Both memberships give you the same exact access to the training videos. The ONLY difference is the number of accounts you are able to create. The $20 membership give you one administrator account and four “sub users”. This membership is designed for a general manager and their managers to have access to the videos. If you prefer to keep your training in house this membership is designed for you! In almost every case Front Of House Structure is not trying to replace your training, just enhance it in new and innovative ways, give focus on skills that may be looked over and keep you fresh and on point. The $30 membership should be enough to give access to ALL YOUR FRONT OF HOUSE STAFF. If you feel confident that your staff can benefit by reviewing this material on there own, this membership is for you. The more your staff watches these videos and refreshes the information in them the more success they will have. This membership give one administrator account and up to 25 “sub users”.

Q: What types of restaurants can benefit from Front Of House Structure’s training?

A: Every single casual-upscale to fine-dining restaurant will benefit from the sales training substancially by using Front Of House Structure. The more weapons you provide your staff to sell, the better we can teach them to maximize and capitalize on those sales. The service aspect of Front of House Structure teaches every single server from diners to three star Michelin Award winners the skills they need to do their jobs more efficiently and more proffesionally. 

Q: Is there long term obligation of my membership?

A: No! We charge month to month. There is no annual commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. No questions asked!

Q: How do I pay for my membership?

A: Your payments are submitted by credit card safely and securely via PayPal. You are not giving any payment information to Front Of House Structure. Your personnal information is your own and we respect that completely!