The Key To Success For Any Restaurant

The ONLY road to ultimate success is to accept these three things. I don't care whether you own a coffee shop in Walla Walla or the highest rated restaurant in New York. To achieve the absolute most from your business these three elements are not only necessary but they are undeniably crucial and I'll tell you what they are...

The first is CHANGE. You must be not only willing to accept change but you must embrace it.

The second is EDUCATION. Without knowledge we are absolutely powerless.

The third is PRACTICE. Repetition is the ONLY way to retention.

The concept behind Front of House Structure is to train your sales force how to work smarter, not harder, to  generate greater sales for their benefit and yours. I am not a general manager, a beverage director or chef. These are all important positions within your restaurant, but I've never seen a restaurant with more than one of each. I also never met a general manager, beverage director or chef who didn't think they knew everything. This kind of thinking is a cancer to your restaurants life span. However, In every restaurant I've ever worked in or run, I never met a waiter who didn't want to learn how to make more money. 

I am a waiter. I am grateful for my wonderful success with this business helping others do what I do, but twice a week I still wait tables in one of the best restaurants in the country. I do it to keep my skills strong and to constantly find ways to re-invent myself and I have done so for almost two decades!

What do you train your waiters to ask when they approach a table with empty beverages? Do they know the proper strategy of approaching the table with the wine list? Can they upsell by making decisions a group choice rather than individual? Do they know how to utilize the specials list to sell what you want to sell? What is the strategy to pace your tables out and "downsell" extra courses to extend table times and get those table to spend more?  If you stumble even a little answering any of these questions than your staff is too and I can help you but you MUST be willing to accept change, educate your staff and practice new skills. These responses should be automatic and if you don't know the answers, chances are your managers and waiters don't know them either. 

Imagine each one of your servers as a golfer who never took lessons. They have spent their lives developing an abundance of bad habits. Sometimes they get the job done but most of the time they are spraying the ball right and left. They slice, they hook and they flounder around frustrated not knowing the simple fixes that can improve their game dramatically. Well like a golfer that has bad habits, we can fix their bad serving habits but first they have to realize what they are doing wrong and then we have to teach them the right way. We can't teach them everything all at once or else we will overwhelm and confuse them. Instead, progress is made step by step, mastering one new skill at a time. Repetition and practice are the keys to their success.  Much like golf, once they learn the right way there is a freeing feeling that comes with solid technique and confidence. They'll start hitting fairways and dropping putts. We aren't going to make everyone Tiger Woods, but we will improve their overall game to where they have confidence and ability they can rely on to perform more consistantly.

What would it mean to you if you had one server who, night after night, averaged 30% to 50% higher sales than your average server? They take the same guests that are already coming in and with the same

Front of House Staff menu and wine list, find a way to effortlessly accomplish this task every single day.  How much money would this one server generate for you above and beyond the average server. Now take this servers ability and share it with your entire staff. This is what Front Of House Structure is all about. Front Of House Structure is a restaurant training program with one goal in mind, teaching your staff how to sell and refining service by teaching them how to wait tables. I have spent the last 16 years working in restaurants ranging from diners at the beginning of my career to the best three and four star restaurants in the world. I have held every position within these restaurants from server to General Manager all the while learning from my peers and mentors. I've been privileged to share time and learn from the staffs of Jean Georges Vongerichton, Rocco Dispirito, Marcus Samuelson and so on. During the course of my tenure with these amazing people, I have developed some amazing techniques on how to sell. I would consider myself, and many would agree, one of the industries top selling servers. It's not because I am catering to super wealthy elitist clientele either. It's because I understand that while the one percent that will buy a $300 bottle of wine, which is nice, is a bonus.

Your money is made by taking 99% of your guests and bringing their check averages up
10 to 20 dollars a person and that is exactly what I will teach you and your staff
how to do, and it's much easier than you may think.

I will share almost two decades of methodical analysis pertaining to the art of waiting tables and I'll make it simple and easy to implement. This program is designed to suppliment and compliment your existing training and if you are will ing to accept and embrace change this program works easily, like this....

The program is very simple.

Become a member to my program. Subscription is on a monthly basis, it's very inexpensive, it is easily canceled and I refund your first months premium so you may try this for free!

Watch my training videos and learn from them. Every month I publish two videos, one sales training video and one service training video. After twelve months the program starts over and anytime you join is appropriate as no two months videos are related.

Take a full thirty days to teach your staff what you have learned and practice it. Take just five minutes a day in pre-shift meetings to review and become fluent with these new techniques and skills. Remember, repetition is the key to retention!
That's it!!! It's that easy!!!!
Sales Initiative Videos

The sales initiative is by far the most important to your profits and you'll get one a month. Why just one? Because it will take you one solid month, if not more if taught proactively, to instill these practices into your staffs everyday routines.
Service Training Videos

The second is a monthly service video highlighting everything from opening a bottle of wine to detailing glasses to keep service at its very tip top. Don't let service standards lag because you have new places to focus your attention.
It will be your responsibility and choice on how you want to relate this information to your staff, and from my experience with my servers, in one ear and out the other is too often the case if skills are taught hastily. Instead, take it slow. Let everyone be able to view these videos as often as they need. Only 20% of what we hear is retained while 80% of what we see is retained. SHOW THEM THE VIDEOS! That's why I made them. Make sure that every day you are focusing on these skills in your pre-shift meetings. Even take it to the next level and hold monthly meetings and highlight these skills as "what we are working towards this month". Role play and work shop so your staff gets comfortable using different techniques and being comfortable with your product and set up incentives for goals that you set for them. With a solid month of follow through, your staff will master these techniques and they will become second nature. Take this approach and you will see profits go up almost immediately. Add all twelve steps together and your success will be exponential. The return on investment of this program is limitless!

Now this is a twelve month program and I implore you, make your personal goal to stay with this program for a minimum of twelve solid months. That will take you through the entire program in which it will start over. You should have this system as long as you are in business which I hope is a very long time to keep you fresh and your new staff up to par. We are not in the business of selling winning lottery tickets or leading you on a wild goose chases. You will get out of this program what you put in. If you watch these videos and don't follow through, you'll achieve nothing, but with just 20 minutes a day to watch, digest and then impress these skills to your staff, you should easily expect to increase your sales at least 15%-20% or 5 to 25 dollars per person with the same amount of business you are already doing. What would it mean to you if you achieved just $5 per person more? Tens of thousands right?

Restaurant Sales Graph This program is developed not just for owners and managers, this is also intended to assist servers and bartenders in making more money. You need to convince your staff that they are truly in control of their own income and if they embrace this program they will make a lot more money. After all, as any salesperson would admit, making 15-20% profit on what you sell is a tremendous commission and all the prospects are the guests you work hard to put in front of them every day. If we can teach each server and bartender to earn $2000-$5000 more a year, think of how much money you and your restaurant will make. They just need to learn how, and we can teach them.


You have two different choices when you first sign up on and both are extremely reasonable and I point out that the YEARS cost for either option will pay for itself eventually in one day , but pick the one that you feel will work most effectively for your restaurant.

Basic Account
1 Administrator Account

4 Staff Accounts

This membership type is designed to leave the training solely up to you and your management team . You will have enough access for yourself  and up to four managers.

$20 per month
Become a Member
Full Staff Access
1 Administrator Account

25 Staff Accounts

Recommended, this membership should give enough access for all your sales staff to have their own accounts so they can watch and review all the videos from their personal computers and mobile smartphones as often and as much as possible.

$30 per month
Become a Member

There's virtually no risk. The cost is literally pennies a day and is never the issue. If spending $20- $30 a month for the opportunity to make tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands more doesn't make sense to you then this program is not for you. But it's really a no-brainer and to date my technique and results are paying dividends! You of course may cancel at any time, but again, it's a twelve month program and some months may not be as effective as others depending on your specific type of restaurant, but I promise you two things; with Front Of House Structure in place you will make a lot more money, and if you do nothing you will achieve nothing.

Now this program is not the type of program that will give you an edge on your competition. It will just make you and your staff a lot wealthier so I strongly encourage you to give Front Of House Structure to your friends in the industry. Let them become just as profitable as you!

Now if you want incredibly effective sales skills from one of the greatest selling waiters on the planet and are ready and willing to commit to making some serious money and helping your staff make some serious money as well, sign up and get started today!

Jarrod Novak

(Based on industry standard sales, assuming 35% food cost per dish and does not include bottle wine sales or dessert wine sales)
Appetizer Price Range $7-$12 | Entree Price Range $23-$32 | Dessert Price Average $8 | Glass Wine Price Range $6-$12

Your Restaurant As It Exists Now
Appetizer Sales
50 sold x $9 average x %65 profit = $292.50 Money Earned

Entree Sales
100 sold x $25 average x %65 profit = $1625.00 Money Earned

Desserts Sales
33 sold x $8 average x %65 profit = $219.70 Money Earned

Wine Glasses Sold(assuming glasses only)
100 sold x $8 average x %65 profit = $520.00 Money Earned
Your Restaurant After Implementing
(Assuming Average Success)
Appetizer Sales
65 sold x $10 average x %65 profit = $422.50 Money Earned

Entree Sales
100 sold x $28 average x %65 profit = $1820.00 Money Earned

Desserts Sales
50 sold x $8 average x %65 profit = $260.00 Money Earned

Wine Glasses Sold(assuming glasses only)
150 sold x $10 average x %65 profit = $975.00 Money Earned
Profits for 100 Covers = $2,567. 20
Per Person Average $40.14
Profits for 100 Covers = $3,477. 50
Per Person Average $53.90

Difference in Profit for 100 Covers = $910.30

If your restaurant does 100 covers a week you will make $47,335.60 more annually.
If your restaurant does 500 covers a week you will make $236,678.00 more annually.
If your restaurant does 1000 covers a week you will make $473,356.00 more annually.

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