One Day Workshop

If you are truly committed to making your restaurant as successful as possible, I offer you an invaluable opportunity: my "One Day Workshop". I am available to come to your restaurant and give your staff a crash course in sales and service.

One Day Workshop

Everything from being appropriately dressed to being on time to selling for maximum profits, I cover all aspects on waiting tables from A to Z and workshop your staff focusing on everything from the basic fundamentals to the ways of achieving maximum sales. It is my experience that servers do not excel because of lack of intelligence, it is due to the lack of consistent training and technique. Waiting tables is not rocket science, but like any other profession, if they learn from the best, they will perform to the highest standards. If they only know mediocrity, than that's what you will get. I will concede to you that I absolutely cannot keep books, maintain inventory, stock product or even schedule staff as well as you do if you will admit to me that you cannot wait tables as well as I do. The difference between these elements is that a properly trained wait staff can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars more a year in your pocket. There are no employees more important to your bottom line than your waiters and bartenders. Invest in them and it will pay off.

I am the one of the industry's strongest servers not because I'm a genius but because I have spent the last sixteen years learning from the very best, the top one-tenth of one percent of all the restaurants in the world. From the experience of these elite restaurants, I have developed a structured plan and successful techniques which I implement every day. These are the standards by which I hold myself and my clients accountable. 

Whether you are opening your first restaurant, or you already have an established business, there is always room for improvement. There are continually ways of capitalizing on sales and improving service. You may feel as though you have sufficient practices in place, but I guarantee there are steps that you are not taking advantage of therefore missing out on crucial opportunities for profit. This is not because you are doing a poor job, but because there is so much to running a successful restaurant that new and inspiring ideas to increase sales has taken the backseat. Maybe there are things you typically don't focus on because you are simply did not realize the impact they would have. This is much more common than you may think. Let's refocus on your front of house staff training together. 

My One Day Workshops are most effective when every front of house staff member present:

Front of House Staff

This includes owners and managers especially because what I teach will have to be followed up with and followed through by everyone on your staff with you and your managers being the most important.

A good portion of this program is devoted to developing your wine training program. A tactical wine training program is one of the keys to achieving great sales. I will provide the initial materials and techniques to all of your staff and then teach you how to continue on with your wine training. You need just devote the time and provide the wine. 

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Thank You,
Jarrod Novak
Jarrod Novak, Creator and President