Our Goal

Our goal with Front Of House Structure is simple:
 make everyone a lot more money!
Every waiter and bartender has the potential to achieve truly amazing sales figures but what is the most
important variable keeping them from achieving these incredible sales figures? It's your sales training!

Would you agree that if you wanted to teach your employees how to build a house, you would want to have a master builder teach them? Or if they needed to learn how to make wine, you wouldn't expect to be able to teach them yourself would you? If money were no issue I'm sure you would hire a Helen Turley or Peter Michael in to do the job. After all, if money weren't an issue you would want and insist they learn these techniques from the best in the industry, right? Well fortunately you aren't having them build a house and you can still order wine from Peter Michael. However, you need to teach your staff how to wait tables and sell. Wouldn't you like to have them taught by one of the strongest waiters in the industry? Of course you would. This is how you make your living. What could possibly be more important to you and with Front Of House Structure my personal techniques and standards are all available to you, but unlike Bob Vila or Helen Turley, they are incredibly affordable!
Nowhere in this program will I ever mention up-sellling premium liquor, bottled water or selling extra side dishes to make more money. You may think these are great ways to increase profits, but what I teach is way beyond these pointless and gimmicky sales tricks. I believe that taking total control of the guest from the moment they sit, and guiding them through their experience is the key to accomplishing tremendous sales figures, as well as providing the ultimate dining experience all guests want and deserve.

There are two dominant factors in determining what every guest experiences in your restaurant:

Their Ideas, Your Ideas

Which of these would you prefer when they
are determining what to order?


Now, I wouldn't pay an event coordinator to plan a wedding or a contractor to build a house and then tell them how to do their job, nor would they expect me to do so. The very same philosophy must be applied to the restaurant industry. Any guest walking through the doors of your establishment knows less than ten percent about the food, wine and alcohol that you serve. Leaving them out in the cold to make their decisions using their own ideas, automatically generates a huge disservice to both your bottom line and your patron's enjoyment of your restaurant. Here is why...because in this situation they are paying you for your expertise and then directing you on how to do your job.

Front Of House Structure is a tried-and-true program designed to teach your servers how to take control away from the guest in a humble and gracious manner, and redirect it into the hands of your educated front of house staff. We want to accomplish many things with the program, at the forefront is gaining guests faith through knowledge, but there is more to it than that. We have to be prepared for whatever variables the guest throws at us in a way that doesn't offend them, but in fact steers them in the right direction benefitting both the restaurant and their experience.

This program is very well paced and methodical. Our mission is to make these techniques part of your staffs routines. You will be learning not only how to do things a certain way, but most important why to do them that way. There are so many tools and weapons that you have already in place that you may not even realize. Having great technique, like in any other profession, is what will make your sales numbers skyrocket. It is my job and pleasure to open your eyes to a new way, a new Structure of approaching restaurant sales and sales training....
Thank You,
Jarrod Novak
Creator and President